Last Stop Booking


ARTIST CONSULTATION: When you need a kick in the pants and some good, solid advice about the music industry, We can help you with that. We have almost two decades of experience in helping indie artists go national. If you want to know how to be effective in marketing, understanding legal rights, or how to run your band like a profitable business (with or without a label), give us a call.

ARTIST MANAGEMENT: If you just want to focus on what you do best (writing/playing music) and you need someone else to handle the business end of things like booking, getting endorsements, helping with your career, etc. that’s where we step in and hold your hand. We all need a little help sometimes and giving you a career boost is what we’re good at.

BRANDING: If your press kit, website, messaging, or marketing needs an overhaul, we can help you find your niche. We can help you prepare a solid sponsorship proposal, an EPK that gets better results, and help you discover your band’s persona.

EVENT PLANNING: We have decades of experience planning, marketing, and executing festivals, conferences, conventions, and special events in the music industry.

TOUR BOOKING: Booking for the United States and Canada. All genres accepted. Services includes routing, venue selection. negotiation of terms, and show advance information (in a nice little tour book!). Flat rate fee, regardless of your guarantee or payment (more money in your pocket).

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