The purpose of getting a manager is to have someone else handle your business so that you can focus on your music. If you find yourself spending more time figuring out how to manage your websites, how to promote yourself, how to get sponsors, or learning how to to manage your business instead of writing and performing songs, then chances are you’re ready for someone else to step in.

(Please note: We are currently not accepting new clients not accepting unsolicited submissions)

So what can I do for you?

  • Create a sensible business strategy. We will work together to get you a sold business and marketing plan that will grow your fanbase and your income. In other words: I’ll take care of the business, you take care of the music.
  • Make important contacts for you.  This includes setting up distribution, sponsors, or other support staff for your career (lawyer, publicists, record labels, etc.).
  • Help you make more money by negotiating favorable terms from promoters or business partners.
  • Help you make more fans by helping you with your overall “branding,” business, and marketing strategy.
  • Book you shows/tours. The advantage of having someone that specializes in both business and booking is that it is like you’re hiring two people in one. Most artists have to find and pay for two different people but I can ease up your finances and time by working with one person who understands the overall strategy for your music.
  • Help you with your music production – I can help you find a studio, mastering house, etc for your recordings or help you with live show and web presence so you’re being more effective.

I am very passionate about the artists I work with. I take initiative and am pro-active. I will constantly find ways to push you forward (rather than sitting around waiting for instructions).

Other Benefits of Last Stop Artist Management:

  • Your monthly retainer includes unlimited booking, including tours. Rather than paying the flat rate fee for each show on your tour, I will get you as many shows as you can handle without any extra charges.
  • The service also includes unlimited consultation. I will work hand in hand with you to create a business strategy to get you more fans and more opportunities. Considering how the artist consultation rates  are $40 an hour, you can see how this is a great value right off the bat.
  • I do not take a percentage of your licensing or songwriting fees. That is money you earn for your art and I do not believe in taking away from that.
  • I do not take a percentage of merchandise or anything else you earn on your own apart from what I do for you.
  • You are receiving artist friendly services from someone who is the business of being an artist them-self.

What I look for in an artist:

  • Passionate about their music and their fans
  • Flexibility and a “can do” attitude
  • Interesting target audience or market-base that sets  them apart from other artists in their genre or area.
  • Reliable, honest communication

I can guarantee you that anything I expect  from you, I will return a hundredfold! You will not find a more energetic, excited, and experienced person to help you with your music’s business.

Some of My Achievements While Managing:

  • The first first chapter in the Indie Music Bible focused on one of my bands as the prime example for niche marketing.
  • Secured over 20 sponsorships and endorsements for The Slants.
  • Secured 3 artist endorsements for the Subterranean Howl within the first 8 weeks of managing them.
  • Helped artist book nationwide tours and secure slots at SXSW.
  • Featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered,” Music Think Tank, ASCAP Daily, and many others for resourceful management, marketing, and booking.
  • Traveled across North America as an industry speaker, conducting panels such as “Breaking Into the Music Industry,” “Songwriting Success” and on licensing music.
  • Won multiple “Album of the Year” awards.

Rates and Other Information:

You will need to submit an EPK and information to be considered for management.

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