Looking for Artists and Music Industry Pros to Interview

Looking for Artists and Music Industry Pros to Interview

I’m going to be launching a new effort and am looking for artists and those who work in the music industry to interview/be featured. If you’re interested, please send an email to info@laststopbooking.com with the following: Name: Contact Phone: Website: Social Media handles/websites: Role in the music business (artist, producer, entertainment lawyer, etc): Your best […]

Artist Spotlight: Gayle Skidmore

A songwriter’s songwriter, Gayle Skidmore has an ethereal and magical quality about her music that will capture your heart. Gayle Skidmore is a Grammy-balloted artist who has been performing and touring in the US, UK and Europe for over a decade. Fresh off a brand new release, Sleeping Bear, she also just secured the title of […]

Artist Spotlight: Splintered In Her Head

This month’s artist spotlight is the newest addition to the Last Stop Booking roster: Splintered In Her Head. Splin­tered in Her Head is an elec­tro rock band from Port­land, OR. Fans of The Cure, Depeche Mode and The Church will love them at first lis­ten, but the band is solidly 21st cen­tury, sprin­kling dark glam DNA on fresh song­writ­ing […]

Artist Spotlight: Katey Laurel

I recently had a chance to sit down with Katey Laurel, self-described “Colorado hippie cowgirl with a pocket of folk-pop songs,” and talk about her music. She’s an award-winning artist and folk music powerhouse in the Colorado scene. She’s also got some great out-of-the-box ideas that artists and music industry professionals can learn from! Here’s […]

How to Boost Views on Your Videos and Engage Your Fans

I’m about to leave for tour with my band . However, I thought I’d share my newest idea for boosting traffic on videos and increasing engagement with fans. Specifically, I’m talking about the videos that our band creates while we’re on tour. In the past, we’ve had a partner sponsor our tour video blogs: we would […]

Great Idea for Superbowl Sunday

One of our bands, Priory, just posted this: “Who do you think will win the Super Bowl Bowl? Predict and post the score before kick off and WIN a FREE PRIORY download! Closest wins!” How are you taking advantage of Super Bowl fervor to create engagement?

More Points for “Unique” Marketing Tactics

American Express OPEN Forum profiled my work with The Slants today on their most recent article for Guerilla Business Marketing. Some good tips on inexpensive, creative, strategies: http://www.openforum.com/articles/does-guerrilla-marketing-still-work What are some tactics that you’ve had success with?

Artist Spotlight: An Interview with Jet Phynx

“The ‘Jet Phynx’ live performance can only be described as an experience.  With attire that’s so left-field, it’s a sight to be seen, not just heard. A set from Phynx (pronounced fee-nix) is a special one, with his left-field attitude shining through with each song.  While the attendees stood in awe, trying to make sense […]

Artist Spotlight: An Interview with Ray Tarantino

Hailing from England, Ray Tarantino is a man with a “million dollar voice” (Into the Hill). Kick-starting his career with a #1 placement on the Myspace UK charts, Ray has performed over 600 shows in the last three years in Europe and the United States. His soulful blend of folk, rock, and pop landed an invitation to open for Tori […]