Tour Booking

If you are interested in booking a tour anywhere in the United States or Canada, we can help you with that. Our non-exclusive service includes:

  • Routing – We’ll set you up with a route that makes sense and hits your target markets. Distance between shows can be limited by miles or driving length depending on your preferences.
  • Venue Selection – Each venue will be approved by you before the show will be confirmed. Our database is divided by genre’s of music so you won’t end up playing rooms that don’t make sense for your music career. Furthermore, your booking will be handled by agents who tour North America on a regular basis and are familiar with most of the towns and venues so you’ll get firsthand experience.
  • Negotiation – We will help you meet your needs for every show, be it logistical, financial, or technical. The service is conducted from an artist friendly point of view.
  • Flat Fee – We do not take a percentage of your guarantee or final money at a club. No messy invoicing to deal with after the tour, no cuts taken out of solid guarantees for your performance.
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