When Things Go Right on Tour

The last post was about what to do when things go wrong on your tour: your van breaks down, you lose a show, etc. But what happens when everything seems to fall in place – the venue is packed, no vehicle problems, and you come home with some extra cash? How do you take advantage of that positive momentum to ensure a long, successful career? Read on.

When Things Are Going Well…

GET THOSE EMAILS!: If you have a well attended show, be sure to take advantage of that. Make sure you’re collecting data – emails, phone numbers, etc. This is how you build up for future tours – even if someone “likes” you on Facebook, it doesn’t mean that they’re paying attention to your every post. You’ll want regular, focused, and targeted emails.

SELL THAT MERCH!: Keep directing people to your merchandise table. Not only do you need the gas money, but you want your music in their hands so that they have reminders of your band!

DOCUMENT IT!: Keep records of where you play, how many you draw in (or play for), and take photos/videos is possible. When you book venues, you can use this information to your advantage “Last time we played in your city, we brought over 200. Here’s a link to the show at _________” A sold-out show is also great information for press.

SHARE THE SUCCESS: If the sound guy does a great job, you might want to consider giving them a tip. Or giving a t-shirt to the door guy/bartender. Leaving a good impression for a solid show keeps your band’s name on their mind so when come around asking for another show, you’ll have some of their staff on your side.

What other things do you do to keep the momentum going on the tour?

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