Top Awards Winning Bands of All Time

Top Awards Winning Bands of All Time

The Grammy Grants celebrate the most excellent music each year from a wide extent of sorts, and Shake is no special case. Numerous of rock’s greatest names have been celebrated on music’s greatest night, sometimes indeed taking off with more trophies than they can carry.

There have been an assortment of changes to the Grammy categories over the long time. Most of the current rock-related grants Best Shake Execution, Best Shake Song, and Best Shake Collection were built up within the 90s, regularly supplanting more seasoned areas that had gotten to be obsolete. Best Metal Execution, which was presented in 89, is right now the longest-established shake category, whereas Best Elective Music Execution is the most up-to-date after debuting in 2024.

Stevie Wonder (25)

With 25 wins from 74 assignments, Stevie Ponder is positioned among the foremost enhanced Grammy champs of all time. His beginning with grants came in 1974 when Ponder took home four Grammys for the Innervisions collection. He came back a year afterward and won another four grants, this time for Fulfillingness To begin with Finale. Both of those discharges earned Collection of the Year respects, making Ponder one of as if they were two specialists to win the grant at back-to-back Grammys (Straight to the point Sinatra is the other).

Wonder won Collection of the Year once more in 1977 for Melodies within the Key of Life, stamping his third successive triumph. I know the feeling of trusting that you’ll win. I didn’t for Uptight, For Once in My Life or Signed, Fixed, Delivered, Ponder told Bulletin in 2021. At least three or four times, I had the same dream that I was at a grant appearing as a candidate and when the moderator said, And the victor is …, I would wake up and conclude that I would lose. My God, it was insanity. At that point at the grants [in 1973], I listened to my title called Victor of Album of the Year for Innervisions. I was so energized. I gave that Grammy to my mother.

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U2 (22)

U2 is the foremost enhanced band in the history of the Grammys. They’ve taken domestic an astonishing 22 grants from 46 designations. Their Grammy’s win came in 1988 with Collection of the Year for The Joshua Tree. Other highlights incorporate the 2001 ceremony, where U2 claimed Song of the Year, Best Shake Execution by a Team or Bunch with Vocal, and Record of the Year for the hit single Beautiful Day. It’s an unusual emotion I’m feeling right now. I think it’s called humility, Bono jested when tolerating. [I’m] totally not utilized to it.

Bruce Springsteen (20)

Bruce Springsteen won him to begin with Grammy in 1985 for Dancing Within the Dark and hasn’t looked back since. He’s taken domestic an added up to 20 Grammys in his career, counting four grants amid the 1995 ceremony alone. That year, Springsteen won Best Shake Tune, Best Shake Vocal Execution, Melody of the Year, and Best Tune Composed for a Movement Picture or for TV for Streets of Philadelphia. I’d like to thank all those decried and secretive Grammy voters out there, wherever you are, Springsteen said amid his Tune of the Year acceptance speech. He afterward struck a more calm tone, devoting the win to the people who’ve come up to me in eateries and on the road who’ve misplaced their children or their significant others or their companions to help and have said this tune implied something to them.

Paul McCartney (18)

Paul McCartney has collected about 20 Grammys as a part of the Beatles, his solo work, and different other ventures. He’s moreover graced the Grammy arrange at various events, performing with everybody from Kanye West and Rihanna to Linkin Stop and, of course, his previous Beatles bandmate Ringo Starr. McCartney’s Grammy collection incorporates Best Pop Vocal Execution by a Pair, Bunch or Refrain in 1975 for Wings Band on the Run and Best Shake Tune in 2014 for “Cut Me A Few Slack,” a track recorded with the past individuals of Nirvana.

Dave Grohl (18)

Dave Grohl has collected and added up to 18 grants for his numerous ventures. Nirvana notoriously got one Grammy, but Grohl’s following gathering, Foo Warriors, has been a Grammy sweetheart for decades. I think there is a parcel of fucking awesome groups out there that merit the same sort of acknowledgment that a band like our own does,” Grohl noted to Assortment in 2022. “I don’t get the optics. I don’t get it in the industry, how that works. But I know that there’s a shake and roll out there that’s completely substantial and completely commendable of these honors. It’s fair enough that I don’t get to discover them. Exterior of the Foos, Grohl has taken domestic Grammys much obliged to his work with Them Screwy Vultures and his soundtrack to the narrative Sound City.

Aretha Franklin (18)

The Queen of Soul is additionally the ruler of the Grammys. With 18 wins in her prestigious career, Aretha Franklin positioned as the third most honored female craftsman behind Beyonce (28) and Alison Krauss (27). Franklin’s first Grammys came in 1968 on the quality of her immortal hit Respect. A few of her other classics scored Grammy gold, including Chain of Fools, Ain’t Nothing Just Like the Genuine Thing, Hold On I’m Coming, and Freeway of Love. The ultimate Grammy win of Franklin’s lifetime came in 2008, when she took domestic Best Gospel Execution for her duet with Mary J. Blige, “Never Gonna Break My Faith.

Eric Clapton (17)

There have been various statutes amid Eric Clapton’s compelling career, but numerous can compete with his achievement at the 1993 Grammys. He took domestic six grants much appreciated to his Unplugged LP, counting Record, Melody, and Collection of the Year respects. It was an enthusiastic evening for Clapton since one of the most acclaimed tunes on Unplugged was “ Slices in Paradise, ” a tune penned after the misfortune of his child. “ I ’m veritably moved and veritably temperamental and veritably passionate, ” he conceded amid his last discourse of the night. “ I need to thank a part of individuals, but the one individual who I need to thank is my child for the adoration he gave me and the melody he gave me. ” 

Sting( 17) 

Between the Police, his solo work, and his colorful other frameworks, Sting has racked up a total of 17 Grammy Grants. Whereas most extreme of the triumphs have come in orders you’d guess – like A la Mode’s gemstone Tune and In Vogue masculine Pop Vocal Execution – Sting’s later Grammy Grant was for In Vogue Reggae Collection. He took domestic the honor in 2019 much obliged to his44/876 agreeable peruser with Shaggy. 

Paul Simon( 16) 

Paul Simon’s gem case is flooding, as the cherished songster-tunesmith has won 16 Grammys. He to begin with struck Grammy gold in 1969 when Simon & Garfunkel took domestic Record of the Time and Smart Pop Execution by a Brace or Bunch with verses for their classic tune “Mrs. Robinson. ” The brace would go on to win nine Grammys amid their participation, counting” Collection of the Time in 1971 for Bridge Over Stressed Water. Simon’s solo triumphs have included Collection of the Year grants in 1976 and 1987, for There Goes Rhymin ’ Simon and Graceland, freely. 

Foo Warriors( 15) 

No American band has earned more grants in the history of the Grammys than the Foo Warriors. They scored them, to begin with Grammys in 2001, taking domestic Smart Music tape for “ Learn to Fly ” and Best Shake Collection for “There Is Nothing Cleared out to Lose”. The extreme arrangement has particularly been great to the Foos. Best Shake Collection was presented in 1995, and Foo Fighters’ five triumphs positions as the most extreme of any craftsman in the arrangement.

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