Right Now: Free digital copy of Music Business Hacks

Until December 12th, the Kindle version of my book, Music Business Hacks, is free to download on Amazon.com! Please check it out here!

It is designed like a “recipe book” for music business: each short chapter is designed to inspire a different 15 minute activity for you to work on each day. It covers everything from booking to developing skills as a musician and features guest articles from Derek Sivers (founder of CDBaby), A&R reps, professional musicians, indie music store owners, and more!

If you enjoy it, I would appreciate a review or referral. If you find it helpful, please consider getting the physical book so you can flip through it and enjoy the many habits that you can cultivate for becoming the ultimate musicpreneur.

Download it free today here.


  1. tammyagnt says:

    Simon it’s only free if you already have Kindle Unlimited :/

    • Simon Tam says:

      It should be free for anyone; I’m running a free promotion through Amazon and they say it’s available worldwide for any user. Is it trying to charge you right now?

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