Free Consultation Giveaway

Last September, I gave away ten 30 minute consultation sessions to ten different artists. I completely forgot about that until several people emailed me last week asking for some more free advice. Well, I’m happy to do something like that again…

What is the Artist Consultation?

I usually book one hour sessions with artists who want to get some objective answers about their music career. The most common questions/areas that people ask about include:

  • How to get signed to a record label
  • Booking agents, managers, lawyers, and publicists
  • How to get better shows
  • How to get sponsored or get endorsements
  • How to book a tour
  • How to market the band

It can be just about anything you want. Also, I’ll completely review your press kit, websites, social media, etc. and offer some constructive comments about that.

How do I get the consultation service for free?

From now until August 31, send me your absolute best elevator pitch on why your music matters, why you are unique, or why you need some help with your music career. To make sure it’s concise, I want you to send it via Twitter. Tag @SimonTheTam it get my attention. Don’t send direct messages. In the first week of September, I’ll select ten artists to get a free 30 minute consultation session. There’s no limit on the number of posts, I’m just looking for something interesting, witty, passionate, and/or remarkable.

Also, I’ll choose three artists to feature on this blog for an exclusive interview. It’s a great chance to get some promotion and an industry site that gets some pretty respectable traffic.

So, let the tweeting commence!


  1. Lil'Aaron says:

    When will you be excepting submissions for bookings? I’m very interested

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