When Things Go Right on Tour

The last post was about what to do when things go wrong on your tour: your van breaks down, you lose a show, etc. But what happens when everything seems to fall in place – the venue is packed, no vehicle problems, you come home with some extra cash? How do you take advantage of […]

How Important is Image for a Band?

Whether you are trying or not, you are projecting an image when you are playing a live show. You are making the choices: t-shirt and jeans, a skirt (how long or short?), formal wear, outrageous wear. Whatever it is, everything that you do is a part of the overall experience. Like it or not, we […]


Win a 10 day tour plus a complete presskit makeover and artist consultation sessions as well as the ability to join our 2011 artist roster. Selected artists will be able to select their own destinations and date range to booked at clubs, theaters, festivals, and music halls across the country. The tour will be for […]

How to Hire or Book a Band (for non-live music venues)

This article focuses explains how to book a band for your non-traditional venue – in other words, conventions, cultural festivals, weddings, etc… events outside of the traditional live music venue. However, there is a lot of valuable information for both artists and talent buyers of venues who want to understand more about the process in […]