Post-Show Procedures: 8 Things Every Band Should Do After the Performance

Do you have a post-show plan? Is there a set of procedures that you work on after each performance? Or, does your band simply work on the next upcoming event – the next show, the next rehearsal, time in the studio, etc.? In almost every professional endeavor, there is some kind of routine or review […]

How Artists Should Deal with Auto-Renewing Contracts

It’s easy to fall into the routine of scrolling past terms conditions agreements without thinking much about them. However, they can often affect the future of your music, where it can be released, who controls it, and how it can be distributed. For example, a licensing agreement can change how future revenues are received (or […]

How Bands Can Break Into New Markets

This is a draft excerpt from my new, forthcoming book about turning your music into a full time career. Each the end of each chapter, I also offer up specific activities that can put these ideas into action. I’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback below! One way to grow your music’s reach is […]

How to Create SMARTER Goals for Your Music

Author Zig Ziglar was often as saying, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” Your music career is no different. Unless you have a target that you are reaching for, you’ll just continue down random pathways hoping to get somewhere. How will you know what successful looks like if you haven’t defined […]

Buy One Book, Get One Free

I’ve launched a new promotion with Amazon where if you buy a physical copy of How to Get Sponsorships and Endorsements, you get a digital copy for free! It’s the time of giving so you could gift one and keep the other for yourself! Also, I get many questions on sponsorship that have been answered by […]

How to Get Sponsorships and Endorsements Book Offer

Amazon is now offering a free ebook version of my book, How to Get Sponsorships and Endorsements, with the purchase of a print version. To celebrate, I’m going to give away a few free digital copies of the book myself – no purchase necessary. It’s simple, just tweet at me @SimonTheTam with the number one […]

10 Networking Tips for Musicians and Bands

Networking. For most musicians, this is something that most know they should do but feel uncomfortable with or don’t know how to approach. However, it’s something that can open the doors to better shows, a record label, a new sponsor, or even more fans. Here are some things I’ve learned over the years about networking: […]

12 Ways to Get Your Band More Press

Getting more press is one of the most important parts of your music career. It helps your industry buzz, gets you better gigs, lands bigger sponsorship relationships, expands your audiences, and builds your music’s credibility. So how do you get more reviews or your work highlighted? You might have a list of accomplishments that you […]

3 Things Musicians Should Avoid When Asking for a Sponsorship

I wrote a guest blog for CD Baby today, you can read all about it here: 3 Things Musicians Should Avoid When Asking for a Sponsorship. It has some tips from my book, How to Get Sponsorships and Endorsements, with some additional information. Enjoy.

Independence for Musicians

In celebration of Independence Day, the Kindle version of my book How to Get Sponsorships and Endorsements will be on sale until Sunday for only $2.99! If you have Amazon Prime, you can download a copy for free. Remember, creating strategic partnerships through sponsors and endorsements is one of the best ways for independent musicians to become successful. Not […]