Post-Show Procedures: 8 Things Every Band Should Do After the Performance

Do you have a post-show plan? Is there a set of procedures that you work on after each performance? Or, does your band simply work on the next upcoming event – the next show, the next rehearsal, time in the studio, etc.? In almost every professional endeavor, there is some kind of routine or review […]

How Artists Should Deal with Auto-Renewing Contracts

It’s easy to fall into the routine of scrolling past terms conditions agreements without thinking much about them. However, they can often affect the future of your music, where it can be released, who controls it, and how it can be distributed. For example, a licensing agreement can change how future revenues are received (or […]

How Bands Can Break Into New Markets

This is a draft excerpt from my new, forthcoming book about turning your music into a full time career. Each the end of each chapter, I also offer up specific activities that can put these ideas into action. I’d love to hear any thoughts or feedback below! One way to grow your music’s reach is […]

How to Create SMARTER Goals for Your Music

Author Zig Ziglar was often as saying, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” Your music career is no different. Unless you have a target that you are reaching for, you’ll just continue down random pathways hoping to get somewhere. How will you know what successful looks like if you haven’t defined […]

How to Book Your Band’s Tour Interview with Live by The Beat

Here’s an interview I did over the summer with Live by The Beat. It’s about 40 minutes long but I share quite a bit of information on booking a tour, music business strategy, and what artists can do make the most of touring. What are some questions that you’d like answered about touring?

Review of the All-New Sonicbids EPK System (part 2)

I decided to give the new system another shot today. Yesterday, I spent about four hours re-working my artist profile, adding all of the elements that were lost in the transition, trying to make the layout as least unattractive as possible. Today, I found that most of my changes were lost (even though they were […]

An Honest Review of the All-New Sonicbids EPK System

Today, I was checking out a Sonicbids EPK that was emailed to me. Much to my surprise, the layout for a Sonicbids artist profile completely changed – there was no quick bio, music player on top, or a useful set of links (press, stage plot, etc.). Instead, I found a Pinterest-like layout with navigational tiles. […]

Now Accepting Artist Submissions for 2014 Tours

Artists: Are you looking to tour in 2014? I hired some new agents and we’re ready to expand our capacity! This is not a roster position for year-round booking, this is for pre-determined tour dates and tour routing. It’s a way to help you get on the road and focus on your music without worrying about […]

6 Ways to Get More People to Your Shows

Do you sometimes feel that your band’s draw is languishing? Are you tired of seeing the same people at your shows and want to play to a new crowd, even in your hometown? If you’re like most musicians, you know that you absolutely can do better, that you have more fans out there than who […]

How to Sell Your Music: The Pitch

Another video from my “Breaking Into the Music Industry” workshop