Ice Bucket Challenge and Fundraiser

Ice Bucket Challenge and Fundraiser

Unless you yourself have been living under a bucket, you have noticed the Ice Bucket Challenge fervor spreading around the world. This is my take on it – not only to help support efforts in finding a cure for ALS, but to raise money/awareness for issues related to clean water, which is currently affecting almost […]

Learn How to Soundcheck the Right Way

Learn How to Soundcheck the Right Way

One of my biggest pet peeves as a performer is a band who doesn’t know how to soundcheck properly. It shouldn’t be – it usually reflects inexperience and ignorance rather than disrespect and apathy. The truth is that most bands are taught how to soundcheck, it’s just a skill that gets picked up along the way. Despite this, the soundcheck is often an indicator of the professionalism of the band.

Two Things That You Can Do to Start Making Music Industry Contacts Today

Below is a short excerpt from my new book, Music Business Hacks. The book was written with the idea that “music industry” books should be filled with actionable items for artists to directly apply in their careers so that they spend more time doing something with purpose. Think of it as the music career cookbook […]

Music Business Hacks Now Available!

Music Business Hacks Now Available!

My new book, Music Business Hacks, is now available on the Kindle store here. The print version is available here. Do you have 15 minutes to spare? If you want to spend more time doing and less time reading, this is going to be your kind of book. This isn’t the kind of cover-to-cover manual on […]

How to Find New Audiences Through Market Segmentation

Market segmentation involves breaking down a broad audience into a smaller subset of customers. You can divide along demographics (age, gender, ethnicity, etc.) and/or psychographics (values, lifestyles, interests, etc.). The more that you can segment a market by narrowing it down while still having an audience large enough to offset any investment, the better. Broad […]

Things Every Musician Should Do: Put experiation timers on your contracts/agreements

It’s easy to fall into the routine of scrolling past terms conditions agreements without thinking much about them. However, they can often affect the future of your music, where it can be released, who controls it, and how it can be distributed. For example, a licensing agreement can change how future revenues are received (or […]

5 New Places to Promote Your Music

These days, it seems that there are opportunities to promote your music everywhere you look. Some band services sites like Sonicbids and ReverbNation are full of opportunities that you can submit your music to (though often, that submission requires you to pay a fee). However, it doesn’t always require a submission service, a paid EPK […]

Linking with Linkedin: 6 Ways to Gain Influence for Your Music

Linkedin is a social networking site that has a specific focus on careers, education, and industry networking. It also happens to be a site underutilized by musicians. Here are some of the key benefits for using Linkedin as a professional musician: The opportunity to network with people directly involved in the music industry Access to contact […]

Create a Music Business Filing Cabinet

Are you collecting valuable articles and information about the music business? Do you keep a record of every press mention or post about your band? Maybe there are just interesting articles about art, marketing, social media, current events, books, or other content that can help fuel inspiration for a new song or teach you how […]

Is It Worth It? Measuring The Return on Investment for Musicians

Last week, I was talking to an artist about potential shows for their first national tour. As a relatively new band, they didn’t know what kind of turnout would be there in several of the markets, even though they’ve had some prominent national press. Naturally, without a solid tour history, many of the promoters were […]