“Music Business Hacks” Coming Soon!

I just finished the final chapters to my new, forthcoming book titled “Music Business Hacks.”

I first got the idea for this book after doing multiple consultation sessions with artists and realizing that there was a need for a simple, “how to” approach to the music business. There are many great works out there…but most are read cover to cover,  which means that some of the finer points get lost before artists have a chance to put things into action.

Instead, I decided to write something that worked more like a cookbook: if you had only 15 to 30 minutes today to sit down and do something for your music career, what would it be? How would you measure success? Could you plan out the rest of your week with activities in the same way most people plan out their meals?

This book is a collection of advice (about 2,000 tips) but they all boil down to direct specific steps that you can take. It’s not meant to be read from cover to cover, it’s meant to be read with one small, 10 minute section at a time so you can spend more of your time/energy/focus actually doing something for your career. It also has some great insights from A&R reps, record label owners, booking agents, musicians, and all that too.

Between finishing the book up and preparing for my TED talk, I haven’t had much time to post new content up here. But it’s coming back soon…

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  1. ian bruce says:

    proof your copy

    5th line

    a bright on magical music day to you & yours, ian bruce

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