The Unspoken Rules of Social Media

Yesterday, I posted an article about the Unspoken Rules of Social Media on my marketing blog. There are some tips that I think you’d enjoy because they can be directly applied to bands using social media. For example, I write:

Think more “social,” and less “media”: The world of social media can be compared to a  giant cocktail party. You can either be the loud, obnoxious guest who butts into conversations and talks about themselves incessantly, or, you can be the one who provides timely, witty remarks that steals the show. Walk around and listen to get a vibe before you jump in.

You can read the entire article here.

In some ways, the nuances of how we treat one another are in these expectations that are never clarified. When I wrote about The Unspoken Rules of How to Treat a Touring Band, it was because some artists were very natural about being courteous to their fellow touring acts and some were completely in the dark.

What are some other areas that have an unspoken code of honor?

Perhaps how we should pitch the band? How we communicate with sponsors? Maybe even how we treat our band mates? That’s why i write about these things, so that they no longer remain hidden.


  1. Michele says:

    Hi Simon, How do you handle band break-ups? When old members leave, do you remove all evidence of them being in the band (old promo and performance photos)? If I remove old photos it looks like the band is “new” and hasn’t played out much. What are your thoughts?

  2. Carter G says:

    I enjoyed reading your post, great simple yet effective guidelines!
    I’m an engineer/ producer from Austin, TX and I’m always looking for resources to share with the independent musicians we work with, I was sure to bookmark your blog!
    We also have a small blog we write to provide artist resources, check it out sometime if you’re interested. [ ]
    -Team Phosphene

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