Contact Information for Sponsorship Decision Makers

What if you had access to the direct contact information of any company you wanted to reach for sponsorship or endorsement purposes? Would it be something that you would pay for? What would you do with it?

The reality is that people do sell this kind information. There are a number of websites that market/sell contacts for companies. However, unless you have a warm lead, a solid plan, and something that is worth their return on investment, spending your money on those directories is a waste. First, most contact information is available through searching online or using networks such as Linkedin. Second, your email/phone call will only fall upon deaf ears if you don’t give them a compelling reason to get more information from you.

It’s too easy to fall into a trap of “buying our way” into favor or finding the path of least resistance. However, spamming the email boxes of every executive is not going to win you a new investor (if anything, it can hurt you). Doing the careful work of preparation, researching, and developing a top-notch pitch will pay off in the long run.

So instead of looking for 25 new companies to contact about funding your tour, write and re-write your email subject line 25 times until you find something that is irresistible to open. Instead of spending resources on buying contacts of every company, use your time to find partners who have the same goal and target audience as you do.

Need more help? This links everything I’ve posted on Sponsorship.

You can also get my e-book, How to Get Sponsorships and Endorsements for less than $4 or the print version for less than $10. And if you’ve found the information to be helpful, a review is always appreciated. 


  1. avalemert says:

    Not even a 1/4 way through this and I am feeling revved up and ready to think of some mutually beneficial partnerships. Love this Simon and for me, it’s coming at a perfect time. Awesomeness.

    • avalemert says:

      oops, I meant to clarify that I’m reading the kindle version on Amazon, will be updating once I finish and formulate, so that maybe, my “endorsement” of your product will help others go for buying it, too. Great to have the preview, I knew it was something potentially career-changing at that point and I clicked “buy the kindle version” YAY

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