How to Boost Views on Your Videos and Engage Your Fans

I’m about to leave for tour with my band . However, I thought I’d share my newest idea for boosting traffic on videos and increasing engagement with fans. Specifically, I’m talking about the videos that our band creates while we’re on tour. In the past, we’ve had a partner sponsor our tour video blogs: we would do shout-out’s, promote their brand, they would get a link with every video, etc. This tour, we’re trying something different.

On this upcoming tour, our band is going to sponsor a different non-profit organization, charity, or Kickstarter project with every video. Here’s a step-by-step to what we’re doing:

  1. In every video blog, we are going to select a project to support. During our tour, we are going to pledge 5 cents for every view. For every thumbs up, we’ll pledge ten cents. We’ll encourage fans as well as the recipients of the donation to share the video with as many people as they’d like.
  2. With each video, we’ll also take a quick moment to talk about what we’re supporting and why we believe in it.
  3. Each episode, we’ll invite viewers to submit their own favorite non-profits, Kickstarter projects, etc. in the comments section. The causes in comments that get voted up will be more likely to get selected.
  4. At the end of the tour, we’ll film the checks being made and mailed (or online donations being made).

Not only will this give us a chance to highlight some of the causes that we are passionate about, but it will allow fans to participate in the action as well. Non-profit organizations and volunteers can also be a part of the process (and if we’re on tour near their offices, we’ll film quick interview with them) since it is a free fundraiser for their groups. It’s just a fun way to expose the music to more fans while helping your community out.

Remember, get creative.  If you can’t pledge 5 cents, pledge 2 cents (could even do a “put your two cents in” type of campaign). If you can afford more, do more. If you want to put a cap on it because you’re afraid you’ll go broke, do so. If this isn’t a good fit, then don’t do it.

Do things that build relationships with your fans, are a good fit for your music/brand, and hits the right audience. Those are the ideas that win.

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