What Does The Dying Music Industry Mean For You?

In a word, nothing.

Just because a certain construct of the music business appears to be fading, it doesn’t mean that more people are listening to music than ever. Major players in industries come and go but it doesn’t mean that the respective arts or businesses will die.  Just today, photography pioneer and film company, Koday, declared bankruptcy, but more people are taking photos than ever and photoraphy businesses are still doing well despite the rise in “semi-pro” photographers.

People are giving Adele credit for “saving the music industry” through the first rise in album sales since 2004 (though it wasn’t a massive bump) but they’re ignoring the fact that there are plenty of independent musicians who are making a living through other means such as playing live, merchandise sales, licensing, etc. Just because the “industry” isn’t selling as many records doesn’t mean that you won’t.

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