Creating More Sponsorship Opportunities for Your Music

I’ve written a whole series of blogs on How to Get a Sponsor for your band, tour, etc. In the end, it boils down to being able to creating mutually beneficial partnerships. Here are some other ways you can approach sponsorship and create more opportunities for you and your partners: Create new sponsorship opportunities out […]

The Real Reason Why SOPA Didn’t Pass: Marketing

I’d like to believe that the two recent controversial bills, SOPA and PIPA, were stopped because they were poorly written but the real reason had to do with the power of messaging and branding. Let’s face it: bad laws are passed everyday. In 2009-2010, Congress passed 8,970 bills alone. Most of the time, things go […]

What Does The Dying Music Industry Mean For You?

In a word, nothing. Just because a certain construct of the music business appears to be fading, it doesn’t mean that more people are listening to music than ever. Major players in industries come and go but it doesn’t mean that the respective arts or businesses will die.  Just today, photography pioneer and film company, […]

How to Get the Opening Slot for a Major Tour/Band

There are a few ways to make sure you get to open for a major artist in town: Develop a consistent reputation with promoters in your area that you can pack out whatever venues you play. Part of getting this great buzz about your music is getting into local press or radio stations (usually with […]

How to Book Your Band’s Tour, Step-by-Step

I believe that good information should be spread and even though I do booking for bands, I’m not afraid to share, step-by-step, how I go about this process. That’s what this music blog is all about, partnering up with artists to take the next step. I hope this helps your music career. This is a more concise […]

Eastern Europe Tour

Just got back in from doing a tour in Eatsern Europe playing for the troops. If you’re interested in reading about the experience, you can check out my personal blog at Regular blogging and notes will be resuming here shortly.