Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

Two of my heroes, Derek Sivers and Seth Godin have teamed up to publish a book. It’s written by Derek, the founder of CD Baby (largest independent music distributor in the world) and it has a lot of great advice about starting a business, doing art/music as a career, and just general life concepts.

Derek also hand selected his favorite artists to include 200 songs as a soundtrack for the book. This included The Slants. I feel so honored and blessed to be a part of this project!

Please support the book by checking it out here:

You’ll get a lot of great music and the ebook is only $7.99. Since it comes with over $200 of of free music (from some of the best artists in the world), that is one sweet deal! I’ve been reading this book. It’s a straight forward, entertaining read and definitely one worth sharing

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  1. Jonah Luke says:

    Just bought this book as well — Derek is the man.

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