Using Facebook Invites for Your Shows

If you are going to use Facebook, your mailing list, or other forms of communication to reach out to your fans about an upcoming show, here’s a tip: make sure it is relevant or eventually, you’ll just be ignored.

You might have some die hard fans. You might have casual ones who “liked” your page or subscribed because they’re your friends or it was a spontaneous decision. Either way, you want to respect their time by only sending out messages that mean something to them. Use targeting tools that are available on Facebook and mailing list subscription services like Fanbridge. If you’re playing a show in New York, there’s no need to blast everybody on your mailing list in North America.

How many event invites do you get on Facebook? If you’re like me, you tend to start ignoring them after a while because there’s so many. Or you delete the people that bombard you with events, shows, parties, etc in other cities that you don’t live in. Who you send your message to is just as important as what you need to say.

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