Recommended Reading for Independent Musicians

It isn’t too late for a last minute present or stocking stuffer for the favorite D.I.Y musician or band in your life (or maybe you want to treat yourself). These are some of my favorite books that I believe are essential to your music career library:

1) The Guerrilla Guide to Music Marketing by Bob Baker
There are a lot of guides on the subject, but this is my favorite one. Tons of easy to implement tips, lots of comments from industry folk, and relevant (especially for UK and US artists)

2) All Marketers are Liars by Seth Godin
This marketing book is simply amazing. Very easy to read and helps get you in that marketing mindset of how to set yourself apart to pick up some steam

3) I Don’t Need a Record Deal by Daylle Schwarz
Kind of like the Guerrilla Guide, it focuses on practical steps to be successful independently.

4) Put Your Dream to the Test by John Maxwell
Another non-music specific book, John Maxwell talks about practical steps to achieve your dream and asks if you are willing to pay the costs for that dream. It allows for creative thinking on how to approach your art.

5) The Musician’s Guide to Licensing Music by Daylle Schartz
Licensing is a huge revenue stream for many artists these days (and also a good opportunity to get exposure). Learn how to do it right!

Besides those books, I recommend reading these blogs:

(Get an RSS Reader like Google Reader…it’ll make all of these easier)

What books/blogs do you enjoy?

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