Artist Spotlight: An Interview with Jet Phynx

“The ‘Jet Phynx’ live performance can only be described as an experience.  With attire that’s so left-field, it’s a sight to be seen, not just heard. A set from Phynx (pronounced fee-nix) is a special one, with his left-field attitude shining through with each song.  While the attendees stood in awe, trying to make sense of his outfit (and whether or not he can actually see out of those shades), he brought the energy and performed for a crowd of people looking for something new and cutting edge.” -Fashion Art Toronto

Jet Phynx is the epitome of the future star. Regarded as one of the most dynamic performers in the industry, he embodies the concept of a complete brand: carving his own niche in the world of music, fashion, socialites, and even starring in his own graphic novel.  His debut release sold over 12,000 units. DJ Slice (of 2 Live Crew) dropped his name leading to collaborations with Flo Rider and Gym Class Heroes. Jet Phynx’s future is bright and glamorous and he is taking you with him in to the shining world that is his.

Last Stop: One of the things that jumped out about me was your branding. Not only do you “get it” on a level few artists do, you have a complete story to your art that few businesses have established so well! What was the inspiration behind Jet Phynx and how did you learn about branding yourself as an artist so well?
Jet: I learned my branding from when I interned over at Interscope Records. We worked on 50 cents album “Get Rich Or Die Trying” and I got to see from the inside where the labels put the money and attention in branding that artist successfully. I also learned from Mr.Wright of Color of Life about attention to details and that less can be more. Todays world provides every flavor in music artists that you could possibly have a taste for, so when branding yourself don’t mold it after someone else. Like McDonalds, I stand behind my product, even if some people do not have the taste for it. However, people will find the taste for your music if you create and stick to a true brand of who you are.
Last Stop: Another area that I think makes you stand apart from other artists is your image. It’s bold and works with the overall brand of Jet Phynx. How has your dynamic fashion impacted your music career? What advice do you have for other artists who haven’t embraced  the power of a focused fashion/image?
Jet: I like to believe I have built a universal image with my fashion core that can feed an otherwise mis-match variety of people. The fashion people like me because I wear (at-times) outrageous numbers that are relevant in the couture and avant-garde world.  The anime kids love the spikes and action figure I look (and perform) like on stage. Hip-hoppers hear my lyrics and relate to my sneaks , and pop just wants to fuck me all together. The advice I have to other artists is to be who you are but on a celebrated scale. I stand for celebrating culture and individuality in the world and in yourself.
Last Stop: You’ve had some pretty incredible relationships from other hip-hop artists from DJ Slice to collaborations with Flo Rida. What were some of the main concepts you learned from them about the industry that helped shape your career path?

Jet: Patience and Persistence. The music gods are  going to test you, because the life you reap is  indescribable. Stay humble, always do honest  business, because the underdog of yesterday is  tomorrow’s Record Exec. I live by a belief that I am a  Warrior that has to fight everyday for the goals and  dreams I want to achieve, and thats why I call my  fans warriors because I want them to believe it as  much as I do and see that they can have anything. Half the battle is being unique & memorable the other half is getting heard by people. The industry is like life, it has valleys and peaks, but as long as you are your own Warrior and believe in yourself, the world will too.
Last Stop: FashionIndie says that you are the “futuristic front runner of great avant-garde artists,” implying that you are leading the way for many artists on the cutting edge. What are you doing to constantly stay ahead of the pack? What can others do to keep up?

Jet: I come from the fashion world and in that world everything is forecasted a year ahead. The blueprint to being cutting edge is to always stay 2-steps ahead of yourself, so when i put out something we probably did it almost a year ago. I have a team of creative souls called The Gallery. We work together very closely to come up with cool ideas that have never been done. I may have an idea for a new jacket and we get together, sketch it up, and we all toss ideas around about what can take it to the next level. We do this with everything. I suggest other artists find friends or people that are personally pursuing careers in the areas their brand needs help with because if your young they are all probably starting up and will be more open to spend all of the hard and long hours discussing a music video or a lightning bolt.
Last Stop: Music advice sites are constantly touting the importance of building the artist-fan relationship. What are some things you do to build relationships with your fans to make them avid supporters of your music?

Jet: I talk to them on face book personally. I respond to their tweets, I even get on my websites email and respond to my fans. In todays industry there is so much competition that the least you can do is to build a human connection, and let them know you are not the latest technology in pop robotics. Don’t be too shady.
Last Stop: People say you achieve “indie gold” if you sell over 5,000 copies of a release. You hit that long ago with your debut, all with your own efforts in securing distribution and promoting. What kind of advice can you give to other artists struggling to sell even just 500 copies of their album?

Jet: Just because your album didn’t explode with sales in the first go-round does not mean the games over for that album. You can always re-release your album with a higher incentive for fans to buy it such as personally autographing it.  Re-market, even burn a cd of a demo or a free song you will personally mail them if they buy your CD from your website. The upper-hand you have on lower traffic is the opportunity to get to know your fans individually. Most major artists can not guarantee such personalized materials, so take advantage of it while you can.
Last Stop: Any last words or information you’d like to share about your career or brand?
Jet: Fashion Music & Art….these things are Major when it comes to a Warrior.

Check out Jet Phynx here: (official website) (Facebook) (Myspace page) (Twitter)

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