Echo Helstrom

Echo Helstrom (Portland, OR)

Orchestral Indie Rock

ECHO HELSTROM, the “orchestral rock band.” It’s the violin and upright bass added to the usual rock array that makes them so. That, plus adventuresome arrangements and songs that run the gamut from chamber music to punk rock with much else in between. Echo Helstrom is “a combination of raw emotional power with sophisticated melodic beauty (Joseph Gallivan),” it’s “Kurt Cobain meets Leonard Bernstein (The Oregonian)”. Echo Helstrom, not quite straight-ahead rock nor top 40 pop. It’s unique, original, and word is spreading fast about the “dreamy yet observational songwriting [with] surprising flashes of rock aggression (The Oregonian).”

Echo Helstrom’s unsigned “The Veil” has seen heavy rotation on XM Satellite radio and has appeared on the “In Da Club” episode of One Tree Hill on the station CW/WB. The band’s music was also featured in multiple episodes of American Idol (404, 409, 410) and their music was used by the Obama campaign for With over 30,000 fans on Myspace and one of the hottest profiles in, Echo Helstrom is primed for national touring.

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